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"We are in the midst of a revolution in the application of SAXS
to the analysis of large molecular complexes”

- Nagar and Kuriyan (Structure 2005)


~  March 21-23, 2013  ~

BioSAXS is a solution-based x-ray scattering technique that can yield valuable structural information on biomolecules such as the size, low-resolution shape, degree of folding, and oligomeric state.

This practical course for molecular biologists will focus on collecting, processing, and publishing BioSAXS data.

No previous x-ray experience necessary.

Students will have the opportunity to collect data on CHESS beamlines using protein standards and/or their own samples.

Processing software, installation help, and tutorials will be provided.


Cost:  $250 academic; $350 industrial


Course topics:

  • basic principles and processing methods

  • critical sample preparation tips

  • evaluating data quality

  • computing envelopes and data modeling

  • overview of advanced and emerging methods

  • what you need to know for publication


Lecturers:  R. Gillilan (MacCHESS), S. Nielsen (Danish Technical University), K. Gupta (UPENN Medical School), T. Grant (HWI), and N. Ando (MIT)