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Station Source Technique Energy Detector(s) Contact
A1 1.5m CHESS Compact Undulator Monochromatic macromolecular crystallography; Microcrystallography 19.3 keV Dectris Pilatus 6M Marian Szebenyi
A2 1.5m CHESS Compact Undulator Resonant & non-resonant scattering; Single crystals & thin films; High-energy powder diffraction and PDF; Reciprocal space mapping; low temperatures and custom sample environments 5-70 keV Pilatus (100K,300K,6M); PiXirad-1; GE Amorphous Si panel; Dexela; XFlash, Si and Ge energy-dispersive detectors; Cyberstar scintillation detector Jacob Ruff
B1 hard-bend magnet High pressure Angle dispersive x-ray diffraction using diamond anvil-cell and resistive heating. In-situ SAXS/WAXS measurements in extreme environments Mono-
chromatic beam with tunable x-ray energy
Large area Mar345 detectors; Several detectors sharing at CHESS available upon early request Zhongwu Wang
C1 hard-bend magnet Very flexible: 4 circle diffraction; Resonant scattering including ASAXS; SAXS; IXS; Polarimetry: Topography 5-35 keV Energy-dispersive detectors, XFlash; Gruner and FLI 1kx1k CCD, NaI Ken Finkelstein
D1 hard-bend magnet Grazing-Incidence X-ray Scattering 8-15 keV CCD cameras and Pixel Array detectors Detlef Smilgies
F1 24 pole wiggler Monochromatic macromolecular crystallography; Se SAD; Microcrystallography 12.7 keV ADSC  Quantum-270 Marian Szebenyi
F2 200 mA e+, 24 pole wiggler High Energy x-ray experiments, near-field & far-field diffraction and tomography 38-80 keV GE Detector 2048x2048, 200 Ám pixels & Retiga 4000DC, LuAG:Ce scintillator Darren Dale
F3 hard-bend magnet Scanning micro-XRF microscope; Transmission X-ray imaging and tomography; XAFS; X-ray diffraction; oscillation crystallography 6-18 keV Scintillator-coupled Andor camera, Vortex SSD, Maia 384 element detector, Pilatus, Quantum 4, ion chambers Rong Huang
G1 1.5m CHESS Compact Undulator SAXS, GISAXS, WAXS, BioSAXS 8-13 keV Finger Lakes CCD Arthur Woll / Richard Gillilan
G2 1.5m CHESS Compact Undulator High resolution Grazing Incidence Diffraction, X-ray reflectivity, off-specular CTR 8-13.6 keV Wire linear detector Arthur Woll
G3 1.5m CHESS Compact Undulator In situ thin film growth & surface manipulation 8-13.6 keV Bede scintillation detector Arthur Woll

2014 X-ray Runs

Oct 8th - Dec 9th