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X-RAY RUNS: Apply for Beamtime

2017  Nov 1 - Dec 21

2018  Feb 7 - Apr 3
2018  Proposal/BTR deadline: 12/1/17

2018  Apr 11 - Jun 4
2018  Proposal/BTR deadline: 2/1/18

CHESS News Magazine05 Cover

Director's Message Pdf
Associate Director's Message Pdf
MacCHESS Director's Report Pdf
The CESR High Energy Physics Program Pdf
Operations and Scheduling Pdf
The Role of the CHESS Operator Pdf
Science at CHESS:
Liquid Crystal Polymers under Fire Pdf
Ultra-high Resolution Protein Crystallography Pdf
The Early Evolution of the Surface of Hydrating Portland Cement Pdf
Hydrothermal Experiments on Clay Minerals Pdf
Place Exchange During Surface Oxidation of Platinum1 Pdf
Measurement of Mechanical Strain at Interior Locations Pdf
Do Songbirds Store Calcium in their Legs? Pdf
Oxidation of Si Nanostructures Pdf
High Resolution Studies of Lipid Bilayers Pdf
Dynamical X-ray Diffraction from Quasicrystals Pdf
Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Monochromators for Wigglers Pdf
Early Stages of Copper Electrocrystallization Pdf
Satellite Meeting on X-ray Science with Polarized Radiation Pdf
Fluorescence Study of Doped Optical Fibers Pdf
Initiatives and Developments:
Angle Dispersive Diffraction with Diamond Anvil Cells Pdf
A New Computerized Capillary Puller for Hard X-ray Applications Pdf
Real-time Crystal Growth Initiative at CHESS Pdf
A New C-line Station and its Scientific Capabilities Pdf
Efficient Collection of Oscillation Data - Planning, Pitfalls, and Prospects Pdf
Recent MAD Structures Determined at CHESS Pdf
How to go MAD at CHESS Pdf
Crystal Freezing Tutorial Available Pdf
CCD Detectors at CHESS Pdf
F-line:  New and Improved Pdf
High Heat Load Test Facility Pdf
Improved Radiation Shielding Pdf
Progress in High Heat Load Optics Pdf
Connect with CHESS at "" Pdf
Computer Update Pdf
Complete Issue:
CHESS News Magazine 1995 Pdf