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X-RAY RUNS: Apply for Beamtime

2017  Nov 1 - Dec 21

2018  Feb 7 - Apr 3
2018  Proposal/BTR deadline: 12/1/17

2018  Apr 11 - Jun 4
2018  Proposal/BTR deadline: 2/1/18

CHESS News Magazine05 Cover

From the Staff:
CHESS Director's Report Pdf
MacCHESS Director's Report Pdf
G-line Director's Report Pdf
Dedicated Operations and Scheduling Pdf
Staff in Focus Pdf
Facility Highlights:
Final G-line Optics Build Pdf
Upgrades to the G-line Experimental Stations Pdf
CHESS Celebrates 25 Years of Beam at CESR Pdf
MacCHESS Developments Pdf
New Glass Puller for Making Better Capillary Optics Pdf
Microcrystallography at MacCHESS Pdf
CHESS User Awards for 2003 Pdf
Outreach and Education at CHESS Pdf
ERL Project Highlights:
International Workshop on Science with Coherent X-rays Pdf
ERL Project Update Pdf
Research Highlights:
Pulsed Laser Deposition in G3 Hutch Pdf
In-situ Investigation of Surface Relief Grating Formation in Photosensitive Polymers Pdf
Microbeam High-resolution Diffraction and X-ray Standing Wave Techniques at CHESS Pdf
Unusual Behavior in Dense "Guest-Host" Solids:  the Study of Alkali Metal-Silicon Clathrates Pdf
Critical Pressure for Weakening of Size-induced Stiffness in Si3N4 and CeO2 Nanocrystals and the Resulting Mechanism Pdf
Use of Anomalous Scattering in SAXS Measurements Pdf
Structures of a Class I CCA-Adding Enzyme and Its Nucleotide Complexes Pdf
This One Goes to Eleven (hundred) - Data Collection on Crystals with a very Long Unit Cell Pdf
Complete Issue:
CHESS News Magazine 2004 Pdf