Updates from the User Office

Happy New Year! Here are a few updates and deadlines from the user office...

ORCID id: You will now find a field in userdb for your ORCID id; currently this is not a required field but a strong suggestion. An ORCID id provides a unique identifier acknowledged and used by publishers, funders, professional organization and research organizations. This unique identifier will help us improve searches for publications and funding sources in order to provide the best data possible in our activity reports.

Activity Report: Notifications of Activity Reports have been going out. All PI’s who had received beamtime in calendar year 2017 are asked to report on the progress of their research for our annual activity report. Reports are due no later than March 5, 2018. When writing your progress report, please keep in mind that these reports are published in both print and pdf form, which will be provided to our funding sources and found on our website. Please do not disclose data that has not been published.

User Area Spaces: During our January down, the CHESS Operations staff have been busy making new spaces for our Users. We have removed the kitchen in the CHESS Gline area closest to G1 which allowed added space for sample prep, computers, etc.

Additionally, we have added a CHESS User Lounge located in 315 Wilson Lab. The lounge features 2 leather recliner chairs, soft lighting, laptop tables, phone chargers and a quiet space to relax while samples run downstairs. This lounge area is part of our computer room but we have room dividers, etc. to make it your own space. You may recall that the only other space we had was in the CHESS Kitchen which can get quite noisy, to say the least.