MacCHESS: F3 station

F3 is a general purpose station that is sometimes used for recording diffraction from various materials. A few experiments have been conducted by MacCHESS staff at F3, and user support is available for appropriate experiments.



F3 is fed by a bending magnet, with flexible optics featuring a choice between multilayer and silicon monochromators, tunable over a range of 6-18 keV. <link to CHESS F3 page> The station has been used for experiments including:

Laue diffraction with a 5-10% bandpass (MacCHESS research project)

F3 station: Laue diffraction


Fluorescence scan to detect the presence of an element in crystals (user or staff service)

F3 station experiment: Fluorescence scan


Single crystal diffraction from inorganic sample (user project; MacCHESS provided processing help)

MacCHESS: F3 station experiment, diffraction from inorganic sample


Fiber diffraction from plant stems (user project; MacCHESS provided hardware/software)

MacCHESS F3 tation experiment: Fiber diffraction