MacCHESS: A1 station

The A1 station is used, on a part-time basis, to supplement the F1 station for collection of crystallographic data. It is equipped with an air bearing-based goniometer and a Q-210 CCD detector, as well as the ADX data collection software. The X-ray energy can be set to either 19.6 or 32 keV. Some non-crystallographic experiments <link to Beyond the usual> can also be scheduled at A1.

The relatively high X-ray energy is advantageous for (1) crystals (e.g. small molecules) with modest unit cell sizes where very high resolution is needed and (2) crystals at high pressure in a diamond anvil cell (DAC). Beamline specifications are given here. <link to CHESS A1 page>

A number of amenities <link to station_amenities page> are available to improve your data collection experience.

Tools to assist your use of A1 include:



Station amenities for crystallography


Prepare for your visit

Crystallography software

Data backup and transport