D1 Beamline

Soft Materials In-situ Processing Beamline

D1 Beamline Specifications
Monochromator: Mo:B4C Multilayers.
Energy range: 8-15 keV
Energy resolution: ΔE / E = 1.5%
Flux: 1012 photons/s mm2
Beam size: 0.5 mm × 0.1 mm (H×V)
X-ray techniques: Grazing-Incidence X-ray Scattering
Detectors: CCD cameras and Pixel Array Detectors

D1 is set up as a highly modular small-angle scattering beamline with a five-axis grazing-incidence goniometer and a variety of area detector options. A high-flux x-ray beam is generated by a hard-bent dipole bending magnet in the 5.3 GeV Cornell storage ring in combination with a multilayer monochromator. Optionally microfocusing optics based on CHESS x-ray focusing capillaries is available. A unique variety of in-situ sample cells for real-time multiprobe studies of thin film deposition and annealing are provided. The beamline is equipped with a sample microscope as well as a spectroscopic reflectometer for in-situ film thickness measurements or VIS spectroscopy in reflection mode, complementing the x-ray data. Standard detector is a CCD camera, however, fast pixel array detectors can be requested for real-time studies from the CHESS detector pool.

D1 capabilities encompass time-resolved in-situ studies of liquid-phase thin film deposition and thin film solvent vapor processing as well as the associated self-organization processes. Target materials are predominantly soluable soft materials such as conjugated molecules and polymers, nanoparticles, and block copolymers and nanocomposites. Main application areas are organic electronics and nanotechnology. D1 has a strong engineering component with regard to nanomanufacturing of functional materials from the solution phase, as relevant to future roll-to-roll processing of nanostructured functional materials and flexible electronics.

D1 sample
Figure 1: D1 microbeam GIWAXS set-up comprising focusing capillary holder, sample holder and goniometer, sample microscope,  CCD camera (from right to left).


D1 2
Figure 2: D1 in-situ knife coating set-up.