G1 Beamline

G1 Beamline Information

G1 Station Summary
Source: 1.5m CHESS Compact Undulator
Energy: 8-13 keV
Detectors: Finger Lakes CCD
  • The G1 station is used for general high-flux small and wide angle monochromatic x-ray scattering that is tolerant of 1.5% energy bandwidth. Current upgrades include:
  • online* size-exclusion chromatography (SEC-SAXS) for separating protein mixtures
  • disposable low-scattering plastic microfluidic cells for SEC-SAXS and high-throughput SAXS
  • online* multi-angle and dynamic light scattering (MALS & DLS)
  • renovation of beamline control area (new furniture and partitions) to improve utilization of space and accommodate larger user groups
  • organic solvent compatible temperature control SAXS cell
  • GISAXS/GIWAXS custom-built furnace

* “online” refers to simultaneous or in situ data collection using x-rays in combination with other complementary methods. Terms like “SEC-SAXS” are also referred to as hyphenated methods.

  • R&D activities:
  • Combining inline size exclusion SAXS data with dynamic and static light scattering
  • Cryogenic SAXS to prolong sample lifetime and trap intermediates
  • Microfluidic dialysis of biological samples in situ on the beamline [1]
  • Time-resolved BioSAXS
G1 biosaxs
Size exclusion chromatograph (left) connected inline with BioSAXS sample cell (right) on G1 beamline. Direct connection allows unstable samples to be purified and analyzed rapidly before they aggregate

[1] M. Skou, S. Skou, T.G. Jensen, B. Vestergaard, R.E. Gillilan, Journal of Applied Crystallography 47, 1355-1366 (2014).