New User Guide

The CHESS New User Guide is a step-by-step guide to help you to apply for beamtime, and once accepted, how to get ready for your experiment, what to do when you get here and how to report when you leave. 

 Apply for Beamtime

  • Planning Your Experiment and Understanding Beamline Capabilities
  • Proposal Types
  • How to Submit a Proposal
  • Proposal Review and Scoring
  • Beamtime Requests
  • Beamtime Allocation and Scheduling

Before you Arrive

  • All group members should register in the User Portal (userdb)
  • Take the online safety quiz (userdb)
  • If your work was deemed hazardous contact Safety Officer to schedule check-in and/or update safety
  • Prepare for your trip, make accommodations and ship materials

 When You Arrive

  • Check in with the CHESS User Office
  • Parking at CHESS
  • Meet with Safety Officer
  • Complete Beamline safety training where necessary
  • Perform experiment

​  After Your Experiment

  • Complete End of Run Survey
  • Submit Publication Citations
  • Annually you will be asked to contribute to the CHESS Activity Report