Economic Impact of CHESS-U

With the NYS funding, the upgrade project will create more than 50 new advanced manufacturing jobs and retain more than 150 high-tech jobs by creating a public/private partnership between CHESS and several companies in the Southern Tier. This project has already made an impact across the Southern Tier in the advanced manufacturing sector. 

Impacting the Economy

There are over twenty manufacturing companies from the Southern tier that have helped to manufacture different components of CHESS-U.  This work has allowed companies like ADC and other local manufacturing companies to expand their product offerings to other facilities in the US and around the world, thereby creating even more manufacturing jobs than those created by the CHESS upgrade.

For example, since ADC delivered two lead hutches to CHESS-U (a new product for ADC) the company has received RFPs from Brazilian Synchrotron for 24 hutches with potential revenue of over $36M, Argonne National Lab for 8 hutches with potential revenue over $5M, and the Australian Synchrotron for 6 New Beam Lines, with potential revenue over $12M. 

The New York State Funding of CHESS-U will create many solid engineering and advanced manufacturing jobs for Upstate New York. These are well paid high technology jobs producing some of the highest technology found in the world.

When CHESS receives support such as this, New York State makes a direct investment in the creation of advanced manufacturing jobs in upstate New York. Companies such as ADC and over twenty other manufacturing companies from Binghamton to Rochester have benefited from this funding. New York State funding benefits not only CHESS but allows local companies to increase our product offerings and experience resulting in the  creation of new high-end jobs allowing us to become more competitive in the world market.

CHESS requires state-of-the-art synchrotron radiation instruments for research in physics, chemistry, biology and environmental and materials sciences, to remain competitive in the world-wide research market. New York State investment in CHESS has had a direct impact on companies’ abilities to develop new products, testing them and selling them, in this same worldwide market.  New York State funding has directly contributed to solid growth at companies like ADC by creating many new engineering, advanced manufacturing, and assembly jobs.