Now, in a new paper appearing in the journal “Chemistry of Materials”, a group of researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, and CHEXS use high-energy x-ray spectr

New research provides a 3D investigation using multiple synchrotron x-ray techniques to enable targeted zoom-ins onto six individual grains and spatial linking across length

Recent measurements at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) produced data to validate a cold hole expansion (CHE) process simulation model as part of the United States Air Force (USAF

CHESS scientists have developed an innovative methodology for studying compounds containing precious heavy metals, like platinum, with potentially significant implications f

Using a combination of high-powered X-rays, phase-retrieval algorithms and machine learning, Cornell researchers revealed the intricate nanotextures in thin-film materials, offering scientists a ne

High pressure induces excited states, suggests role in HIV infection

This recent feature on the Functional Materials Beamline at CHESS was recently featured in Synchrotron Radiation News

A new method for analyzing protein crystals – developed by Cornell researchers and given a funky two-part name – could open up applications for new drug discovery and other areas of biote

New research demonstrates that individual grains within the microstructure of rapidly-strained steels have the potential to have larger magnitudes of residual stress. 

A new paper appearing in the International Journal of Fatigue reports the first implementation of a real-time data analysis method for ff-HEDM, which can extract meaningful

A new paper appearing in the journal “Protein Science” and authored by CHEXS-supported graduate student Robert Miller demonstrates for the first time

The high precision of HEDM measurements at FAST offer new insight into the microscopic processes that cause dwell fatigue, pointing toward new alloying strategies for mitigation.

Recent research performed at CHESS gives insight into intermediate stages of  Rubisco’s catalysis mechanism.

Cornell scientists have created an evolutionary model that connects organisms living in today’s oxygen-rich atmosphere to a time, billions of years ago, when Earth’s atmosphere had little oxygen.
Several spectroscopy techniques are implemented at CHESS for in-situ monitoring of materials properties, enabling simultaneous build-up of materials structure-property relations under real environments.
A team at CHESS in collaboration with PHAD has developed, prototyped, built, and tested a compact variable-gap undulator with hydraulic-assist driver and innovative hybrid magnetic structure.
During a series of three single-week runs starting in 2020-1 and culminating in 2022-1, a team of researchers from NIST, collaborating with several industrial partners, employed FMB at CHESS.
CHEXS users have directly observed an electronic configuration that is quantum-mechanically mixed between valence states in materials.
Recent research performed at CHESS presents new insights into the microstructural evolution which occurs during annealing of Mg alloys using in-situ X-ray diffraction.
Hybrid pixel array detectors (PADs) have proven to be powerful, versatile area detectors for X-ray science.
In a new paper appearing in Physical Review Letters, research co-first-authored by postdoctoral fellows claim that EuTe4 sets a new record for hysteresis in a crystalline solid.

CHEXS users have discovered a class of nonprecious metal derivatives that can catalyze fuel cell reactions about as well as platinum, at a fraction of the cost.

For the first time, a microscale plastic strain field (also known as crystallographic slip) has been non-destructively reconstructed in 3D in a deforming alloy.

Many cancer cells require the enzyme glutaminase synthase C (GAC) to grow well.

Utilizing the unique focusing optics, flexible sample space, and SAXS capabilities at the FMB-beamline, a group of researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology measured the r

EGCG, a polyphenol compound found in green tea, has a proven anti-cancer effect.

AFRL and Boeing collaborate with CHESS to enable real-time measurements of high performance thermoplastics in 3D printing composites processing. 

In a new publication, the team of Louise Debefve and Chris Pollock (both at the PIPOXS beamline at CHEXS) have evaluated 80 different DFT methods to reproduce the experimental geometries of Pt comp

Echoing classical physics, quantum electrodynamics predicts the release of a spectral continuum of electromagnetic radiation upon the sudden acceleration of charged particles in quantum matter.

New in situ high-energy X-ray diffraction research using the FAST beamline tested cold-spraying in additive manufacturing.

New research based at the QM2 beamline reports detailed investigations of low temperature charge and magnetic superstructures in Ba4Ir3O10.

Recent developments at station ID7B2, jointly operated by MacCHESS and the HP-Bio project of CHEXS, demonstrate the use of high-pressure crystallography to examine the response of macromolecules to

New research that exploited the unique strengths of the FAST beamline produced some of the first measurements of individual grain deformation in high entropy alloys.

Hydrogen fuel cells generally require expensive and scarce platinum catalysts in order to function.

Intertwining quantum order and non-trivial topology is at the frontier of condensed matter physics. In a new paper appearing in the journal Nature Materials, a team lead by M.

In spring 2021, the fourth generation of Rotation and Axial Motion System (RAMS IV) load frame was commissioned with X-rays at the Struct

This is perhaps the first reported study  of  the temperature dependence of the dimensions of the high pressure unfolded state of a protein.

Sydor and the Cornell Detector Group worked with CHESS staff and users throughout both the original and commercial development of these new detectors, where CHESS served as a crucial venu

During the 2021-1 run cycle at the FMB-beamline of MSN-C, an interdisciplinary group of researchers based at Cornell University demonstrated the first use of an AI-directed, fully-automated process

A team lead by Sara Haravifard from Duke University has conclusively and directly identified the subtle charge density wave phase in TPT emerging below 12K.

A bacteriophage – a virus that attacks bacteria – assembles into an infectious species using a powerful nanomachine to stuff its DNA into a protein shell.

A high-energy x-ray study of 316L stainless steel produced by laser powder bed fusion used x-ray tomography to understand porosity in the manufactured samples, and then observe the effect of t

A recent effort has verified the capability of MSN-C to characterize Department of Defense-relevant parts with typical thicknesses, bend, and welded features.

Synchrotron measurements of a titanium alloy reveal anisotropic coefficients of thermal expansion that would not be able to be seen with bulk measurements.

Research on the synthesis of CuFeS2, an exciting semiconductor, outlines a method to verify its phase purity and investigate its properties.

New research from a large team from 5 Universities and 2 National Labs reports on a new family of iridium halide materials that provide the best-yet realization of the ideal quantum limit for spin-

Pressure is a fundamental thermodynamic parameter controlling the behavior of biological macromolecules. In many cases pressure alters molecular shape and therefore also the biological function.

From the gut microbiome to the depths of the ocean, life has evolved to thrive in the absence of oxygen. In fact, it is not hyperbole to say that life as we know it would not exist without the oxygen sensitive metalloenzymes that we all rely on.

In situ X-ray radiography at CHESS, in conjunction with ex situ X-ray computed tomography (XCT), was employed to study the origins of fiber-induced clogging during 3D printing of fiber-filled polym

Predicting crack initiation in engineering alloys is a significant challenge. The comprehensive work of Gustafson and collaborators reported here employs four different high-energy x-ray techn

A key enabling technology for the recent CHESS-U upgrade was the CHESS Compact Undulator (CCU).

3D printing leads to many defects and interfaces within printed parts.

Recent research at CHESS provides a framework by which the single crystal elastic constants of complex alloys can be determined experimentally in a straightforward manner.

The authors present an updated “small-polaron hopping model” to include contributions of decoupled pathways for the flow of electrons in spinel oxides.

Quantum materials research involves manipulating and measuring the collective quantum states of electrons in materials.

Particle storage rings are highly complex scientific instruments and minute changes in temperature, position or current through one of its many magnets can

To study how protein structures are impacted by external pressure a team of researchers developed a novel diamond anvil cell optimized for the study of macromolecules

Rather than analyze diffraction data with a physics-based X-ray model to try to extract structural information chosen a priori, a team comprised of researchers from CHEXS, Cornell

The recent upgrade of the storage ring has positioned CHESS as a synchrotron facility that is well-suited for in situ studies of materials dynamics with sub-microsecond temporal r

Due to the travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire workshop was conducted virtually using Zoom. Over three days, the workshop consisted of both didactic lectures and hands-on tutorials.
These results fundamentally explain structural and functional differences between DNA and RNA that support their divergent biological roles.
Polymers that can self-assembly into a variety of nanostructures in solution are useful in many biomedical applications such as drug delivery.
Nanocrystals are perfect periodic arrangements of atoms that only extend a few tens of nanometers in any direction and exhibit unique electronic, optic and/or magnetic characteristics
It is expected that such bulk single crystals will enable fundamental understanding and control of emergent mesostructure-based properties in block-copolymer-directed metal, semiconductor, and superconductor materials.
Electronic symmetry breaking in materials underlies many unconventional materials properties which can be useful in future quantum technologies employed in information technology and novel approaches to data processing.
This work provides the first convincing demonstration of protein diffuse scattering data collection and analysis, opening the door to future applications in structural biology.
Soft glassy materials such as colloidal suspensions and emulsions...are of interest both from a scientific perspective as model material systems for studying suspension stability, and from a practical viewpoint for their wide applications...
These findings lay the groundwork for conservation efforts in the context of hydro-power development in the Amazon Basin and set testable hypotheses of the potential impacts of the Madeira River dams.
Together with DNA and proteins, RNA forms the trinity of macromolecules (large and heavy molecules) essential to all forms of life on earth.
Over-coming the limitations imposed by interfacial defects is therefore an essential next step in the development of high-quality optoelectronic devices based on NC solids.
Spatial analysis of horns for lead accumulation may be useful as a qualitative marker of time-resolved exposures that may reflect specific periods of acute lead absorption.
Reducing the weight of vehicles translates into energy conservation in transportation which is beneficial for economic and environmental reasons.

Researchers employed synchrotron-based X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) at CHESS to investigate the synergistic interaction of bimetallic Co1.5Mn1.5O4/C catalyst

Wood-based ionic conductors are flexible, lightweight, biocompatible and based on sustainable materials that can enable large-scale manufacture and suitable for low-grade thermal energy harvesting.
Characteristics makes XTM optics attractive as potential X-ray optics for high-pass harmonic selectors and tunable wide bandpass monochromators. With further instrumentation development, they can be potentially applied to high heat load filtering applications at synchrotrons.
This work forms the starting point to understanding the mechanisms of charge transport in ternary spinel systems.
Using CVD diamonds in X-ray monochromators enables affordable compact systems operable in a laboratory with conventional X-ray sources, under extreme conditions as high radiation heat load optics at synchrotrons, or, possibly, as compact remote X-ray instrumentation for planetary missions.
Developing materials that exhibit superconductivity at room temperature for wide spread commercial use would allow a significant reduction in energy consumption throughout the power grid.
By understanding how an essential enzyme is inactivated in an organism-specific manner, the researchers hope to contribute to the development of new anti-pathogenetic therapies.

Serial crystallography is a method for obtaining structural information on an atomic level of a protein, without the need for large protein crystals.

Li metal has long been considered the ideal anode material for Li rechargeable batteries. In this study, researchers employed synchrotron-based X-ray imaging methods at CHESS to imag

Some of the highest-temperature superconductors and other strongly correlated quantum materials exhibit an anisotropic electronic phase, called nematic phase, whe

3-D X-ray absorption and diffraction-based characterization techniques are powerful tools to quantify the micromechanical response of Alternate Cementitious Materials (ACMs).

Measuring very large data sets of X-ray diffuse scattering allowed researchers to identify how different forms of local order in ferroelectrics correlate with their properties.

Shape memory alloys see use in numerous aerospace and biomedical applications, but their wider use is limited by functional fatigue.