Macromolecular crystallography(MX); Standard cryocrystallography; Serial crystallography; High-Pressure cryocooling; MX experiments under pressure in diamond anvil cell (DAC).
All new users must read User Orientation and Safety Training Guide, and score 100% on the short User Online exam, before beginning any work at CHESS.
It is possible to collect data using the MacCHESS beamline from a remote networked connection.
Automounters are intended to help maximize throughput at synchrotron beam lines where heavy shielding and safety interlocks slow manual access to the experiment.
Serial crystallography is a method for obtaining structural information on an atomic level of a protein, without the need for large protein crystals.
Crystallography software available at MacCHESS
Beamtime for macromolecular crystallography at MacCHESS is likely to generate lots of data which needs to be transported back to the home lab.