Users at CHESS must complete safety training before working in any of our laboratories or experimental areas. Below you will find basic safety information, as well as the training that all new users must complete.

Emergency Information

In an emergency situation (such as a fire, explosion, chemical spill, severe injury or illness) that requires immediate police, fire, or medical response to preserve life or property, contact the Cornell Police dispatcher:

Direct lines to Cornell Police dispatcher are available by using the yellow call boxes found on the walls in hallways and near stairwells throughout Wilson Lab.

Yellow emergency call box
Example of an emergency call box. Several of these call boxes are located throughout Wilson Lab.

If there is not a call box nearby, dialing 911 from a campus phone will also connect you to the Cornell Police dispatcher.

To reach the Cornell Police dispatcher from a cell phone, call (607) 255-1111.

Calling 911 from a cell phone will go to the New York State Police dispatcher; the response time may be longer than that of the Cornell Police.


CHESS Safety Committee

The CHESS Safety Committee reviews all incoming proposals and determines which ones need additional oversight or special safety procedures. These proposals are deemed "hazardous," and are assigned a safety officer. Sometimes, the safety committee may contact users for additional information about the experimental plan before the proposal is approved. Upon arrival, users working on a hazardous proposal must meet with their safety officer before beginning their experiment.

The committee may be reached at 

CHESS Safety Committee members:

Dana Ricther, Chairperson

Ken Finkelstein, Vice-chairperson

Katie Moring

Aimee Kellicutt

Kurt McDonald

Gregg McElwee

Marian Szebenyi

Aaron Finke

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All new users must read this User Orientation and Safety Training Guide, and score 100% on a short quiz that follows, before beginning any work at CHESS.