Darren Pagan X-ray micromechanics
Synchrotron "X-ray Micromechanics" course now online

As part of the mission of InSitμ@CHESS, the ONR-funded center focused on developing new High Energy X-ray Diffraction (HEXD) users and methods, the staff has developed and made available an online course for novice X-ray users with backgrounds in engineering.

Sol Gruner, pioneer of scientific tools
A pioneer of scientific tools

Sol Gruner, known for developing x-ray detectors, is a toolmaker, tackling scientific problems and exploring the unknown.

D-line sample robot
The Real Thing: D-line sample robot serves first user group

Combinatorial thin film research can comprise hundreds of samples grown with slightly different compositions or processing conditions.

Sol Gruner and David Muller
New electron microscope sees more than an image

The electron microscope, a powerful tool for science, just became even more powerful, with an improvement developed by Cornell physicists. Their electron microscope pixel array detector (EMPAD) yields not just an image, but a wealth of information about the electrons that create the image and, from that, more about the structure of the sample.

First self-assembled superconductor structure created

Building on nearly two decades’ worth of research, a multidisciplinary team at Cornell has blazed a new trail by creating a self-assembled, three-dimensional gyroidal superconductor.