periodic table
Watching nanocrystals in action

The assembly of colloidal nanocrystal building blocks into ordered superlattices presents many scientifically interesting and technologically important research challenges to create programmable matter from “crystals-of-crystals”.

Yb atoms; electrons transform from localized to itinerant states
Where did those electrons go? Decades-old mystery solved

The concept of “valence” – the ability of a particular atom to combine with other atoms by exchanging electrons – is one of the cornerstones of modern chemistry and solid-state physics.

Coffee-ring effect leads to crystallization control in semiconductors

Varying the thickness of crystallizing materials facilitates control over the patterns and properties of crystals.

Disordered dimer state in electron-doped Sr3Ir2O7

A team led by researchers at the Materials Department University of California, Santa Barbara, working at CHESS C1 station and the Advanced Photon Source, have revealed a hidden, disordered dimer state in the electron-doped bilayer spin-orbit Mott insulator Sr3Ir2O7 [1].