Human carbonic anhydrase IX
“Seriously Sweet!” Ace K binding observed in CA IX

Human carbonic anhydrase IX (CA IX) is an enzyme upregulated in tumorigenic tissue that is being targeted by small molecules as a potential cancer therapy.

sample chip on piezo stage
Serial microcrystallography at CHESS: Protein crystals on chips enable high throughput

The standard X-ray protein crystallography experiment requires a single protein crystal specimen that is large enough to collect a “complete” data set, that is, to collect all the available diffraction peaks to a given resolution.

website graphic
CHESS unveils fresh new website

Parallel to the CHESS-U project performing necessary equipment upgrades here at Wilson Lab, the CHESS website was also in the shop for a makeover.

DNA to RNA - more ways than one

Information encoded in our genes controls how we live and grow. As part of this complex process, DNA is transcribed to RNA, one "letter" (nucleotide) at a time, by an enzyme called RNA polymerase (RNAP).

Sol Gruner, pioneer of scientific tools
A pioneer of scientific tools

Sol Gruner, known for developing x-ray detectors, is a toolmaker, tackling scientific problems and exploring the unknown.

Richard Gillilan, Jesse Hopkins, Soren Skou
RAW Power! MacCHESS software brings synchrotron-level data processing to the laptop and home laboratory

Since its introduction by Søren Skou (Nielsen) in 2010, the BioXTAS RAW software has been a familiar interface to the many biomedical scientists collecting data at CHESS beamlines in recent years.

Normand Cyr, D'Avanzo lab
MacCHESS launches international data collection

MacCHESS crossed a new threshold in June 2017 with international data collection. Normand Cyr collected data at CHESS beamline F1 remotely from the D'Avanzo lab at the University of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

compound refractive lens
Focusing on microbeam: Initial installment of CRLs at CHESS

A great challenge at many x-ray beamlines is to direct x-rays into in a very small, very clean footprint while maintaining high photon flux.