DNA to RNA - more ways than one

Information encoded in our genes controls how we live and grow. As part of this complex process, DNA is transcribed to RNA, one "letter" (nucleotide) at a time, by an enzyme called RNA polymerase (RNAP).

compound refractive lens
Focusing on microbeam: Initial installment of CRLs at CHESS

A great challenge at many x-ray beamlines is to direct x-rays into in a very small, very clean footprint while maintaining high photon flux.

Chris Fromme
CHESS user awarded Guggenheim Fellowship

Chris Fromme, Cornell Molecular Biology & Genetics, has been awarded a prestigious Guggenheim fellowship for his work in structural biology.

Ac_VRMA_CHO binding
Surprising mechanism of an enzyme in a membrane

Many cellular processes, particularly intercellular signaling, require enzyme-catalyzed reactions to occur inside a cell membrane.

fluorescence confocal imaging
Fluorescence imaging at the MacCHESS A1 and F1 beamlines makes crystal centering easier

Macromolecules typically produce only small crystals; to observe diffraction from them (and determine the molecular structure) we need the intense, highly collimated beam from a synchrotron source.

Snf7 packing
Unusually deformable protein crystals

Application of high pressure to crystals of Snf7 has an unusual effect. Cryocooling protein crystals under pressure (HPC) can reduce damage due to the cooling process. 

jbc cover graphic
BioSAXS works to uncover cellular machinery involved in regulation of DNA transcription

The biology of human diseases and disorders is highly complex. In many cases, despite a great deal of detailed structural knowledge, understanding mechanisms is still a long way off.

Discovering new drugs to combat microbial resistance to antibiotics

Resistance to antimicrobial agents is a worldwide problem. Not only do bacteria mutate to become resistant, they can acquire resistance genes from other bacteria. Using a structure-based strategy, researchers seek to identify new drugs which can inhibit this transfer and so limit the development of antimicrobial resistance.