Darren C. Pagan

Staff Scientist, CHESS

Beamline affiliations: F2

Education / Experience:
2016 - Present: Staff Scientist, CHESS, Cornell University
2015 - 2016:  Post Doctoral Fellow, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2010 - 2015:  PhD Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University
2006 - 2010:   BSc Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University
Research interests:

In-situ micro-mechanical response measurements in structural materials (metallic alloys, concretes, granular materials), constitutive model development, X-ray software development

X-ray Micromechanics course:


Selected Publications:
    • Pagan, D.C., Obstalecki, M., Park, J.-S., Miller, M.P. "Analyzing Slip Band Formation Using High Resolution X-ray Diffraction" Acta Materialia. Volume 147. 133-148 (2018)
    • Pagan, D.C., Bernier, J.V., Dale, D., Ko, J.Y.P., Turner, T.J., Blank, B., Shade, P.A., "Measuring Ti-7Al slip system strengths at elevated temperature using high-energy X-ray diffraction" Scripta Materialia. Volume 142. 96-100 (2018)
    • Hurley, R.C., Lind, J., Pagan, D.C., Akin, M.C., Herbold, E.B. "In Situ Grain Fracture Mechanics During Unixial Compaction of Granular Solids” Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. Volume 112. 273-290 (2018)
    • Miller, M.P., Obstalecki, M., Fontes, E., Pagan, D.C., Ruff, J.P.C., Beaudoin, A.J. "InSitμ @ CHESS, a Resource for Studying Structural Materials” Synchrotron Radiation News. Volume 30 (5). 4-8 (2017)
    • Pagan, D.C., Miller, M.P. "Modeling slip system strength evolution in Ti-7Al informed by in-situ grain stress measurements" Acta Materialia. Volume 128. 406-417 (2017)

    Full publication list on Google Scholar (link):  https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=EsqVxcMAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=sra