CHESS unveils fresh new website

Parallel to the CHESS-U project performing necessary equipment upgrades here at Wilson Lab, the CHESS website was also in the shop for a makeover.

Although the desire to streamline was paramount along with a responsive display that works across multiple devices, we wanted to visually highlight our users and scientists in action at the lab and sprinkle their news articles across the site. We chose a CMS platform, Drupal 8, which in addition to those and many other engaging digital experience features, allows for accessible content entry. The results of the project were revealed last month.

There are still some wrinkles to iron out, and although the core pages of the site were ready to launch at the time of the rollout, we are still in the process of migrating other pages such as the archive of news articles, etc. Please take a few minutes to poke around the site and if you care to leave any comments, scroll down to the footer and click on either the “Feedback” or “Contact” link.