Young Investigator Seminar: "The More You Know"

"The More You Know" seminar series is a peer-led survey seminar and forum for CHESS graduate students and post-docs to learn about synchrotrons and general x-ray methods. Speaker for this session will be Jeney Wierman on "Evolution of serial microcrystallography: A story of success through failure".

underground synchrotron ring Cornell campus

This seminar was established based on a general interest in learning more about CHESS, how a synchrotron works, and basic information about many x-ray methods. Members intend to both expand upon personal knowledge of x-ray methods and incorporate new techniques into their respective research projects.

Seminar subjects (and peer speakers) are decided upon by seminar members. Each session consists of an informal talk prepared by the speaker, with plenty of time for questions and discussion about the topics being covered. Speakers are asked to keep talks at an introductory level, remembering the seminar members come from a wide variety of fields (including biology, material science, chemistry, physics, and mechanical engineering).

If you're interested in participating in this seminar group, please contact Sriramya Nair (

Upcoming Meetings:

  • 2018.03.15 -  Jeney Wierman "Evolution of serial microcrystallography: A story of success through failure"

Previous Meetings:

  • 2017.08.10 - Jim Shanks "A Brief History of CESR"
  • 2017.07.27 - Howard Joress "A polycapillary based method of monochromatic time-resolved x-ray reflectivity"
  • 2017.04.13 - Darren Pagan "Combining In-Situ X-ray Imaging with Computational Modeling to Understand Granular Deformation during Dynamic Loading"
  • 2017.03.23 - Stanislav Stoupin "Ultra-precise x-ray diffraction imaging of crystal lattice strain"
  • 2017.02.02 - Aaron Finke "Phasing for Dummies"
  • 2017.01.19 - Jooseop Lee "Inelastic neutron scattering study on heavy fermion system UPt2Si2"
  • 2016.11.03 - Howard Joress "Synchrotron based monochromatic real-time x-ray reflectivity"
  • 2016.10.06 - TK Chua "Sample Preparation: Protein Crystallization and Beyond"
  • 2016.09.22 - Louisa Smieska "X-ray fluorescence and diffraction mapping applications in cultural heritage research"
  • 2016.08.26 - Julian Becker "Detecting x-rays with CdTe sensors. The good, the bad and the ugly."
  • 2016.04.14 - Aaron Lyndaker "The Basics of Undulators and Bending Magnets"
  • 2016.02.11 - Margaret Koker "Grain Mapping at CHESS using High Energy X-Ray Diffraction"
  • 2015.12.10 - Chris Mayes "The Cornell-BNL FFAG-ERL Test Accelerator"
  • 2015.08.24 - Ruipeng Li "Decoding Nanocrystal Structure by SAXS/WAXS"
  • 2015.07.23 - Werner Sun
  • 2015.07.09 - no meeting (SRI conference)
  • 2015.06.25 - Matthew Ward and T.K. Chua
  • 2015.06.11 - no meeting (Users' Meeting Workshops running)
  • 2015.05.28 - David Agyeman-Budu "Nanofabrication of x-ray optics"
  • 2015.05.14 - Karl Smolenski "Project management"
  • 2015.01.22 - Arthur Woll "Maia detector for x-ray imaging"
  • 2014.12.11 - Katie Silberstein "Battery characterization at CHESS"
  • 2014.08.28 - Jared Maxson "ERL tour"
  • 2014.08.14 - Erik Herman "Xraise presentation"
  • 2014.07.24 - Peter Ko "Laue focusing optics"
  • 2014.06.12 - no meeting (Users' Meeting Workshops running)
  • 2014.05.22 - Kate Shanks "X-ray area detectors"
  • 2014.05.08 - Alvin Acerbo "X-ray scattering from macromolecules in solution"
  • 2014.04.24 - Activity focusing on communication in science
  • 2014.02.25 - Tour of CESR and synchrotron tunnel
  • 2014.02.13 - Darren Pagan "Diffraction from deformed crystals"
  • 2013.01.23 - Ruipeng Li "Microbeam x-ray scattering"
  • 2013.11.14 - Jim Shanks "Upcoming upgrades to CESR"
  • 2013.10.24 - Robin Baur "Phase contrast imaging"
  • 2013.10.10 - Jim Shanks "General introduction to synchrotrons and CESR"
  • 2013.09.26 - Margaret Koker "Introduction to seminar and planning meeting"