D. Marian Szebenyi

Director, MacCHESS

Contact for: general MacCHESS information, pressure cryocooling, F1 and G1 beamlines

Education / Experience:
2008 - Present:  Director, MacCHESS, Cornell University
1990 - 2008: Staff scientist, MacCHESS, Cornell University
1978 - 1990: Research Associate, Biochem, Mol & Cell Biol , Cornell University
1975 - 1978: Post-doc, Cornell University, mentor Keith Moffat
1968 - 1972:  PhD in Physical Chemistry, University of Connecticut
1964 - 1968: A.B. in Chemistry & Physics, Bryn Mawr College
Research interests:

Macromolecular crystallography, data processing software, pressure cryocooling, serial crystallography, Laue diffraction.

Selected Publications:
  • Huang, Q., Gruner, S.M., Kim, C.U., Mao, X., Wu, X., Szebenyi, D.M.E. (2016): “Reduction of lattice disorder in protein crystals by high-pressure cryocooling”, J. Appl. Cryst. 49, 149-157.
  • Huang, Q., Szebenyi, D.M.E. (2016): “Improving diffraction resolution using a new dehydration method”, Acta Cryst. F72, 152-159.
  • Lukk, T., Gillilan, R.E., Szebenyi, D.M., Zipfel, W.R. (2016): “A visible-light-excited fluorescence method for imaging protein crystals without added dyes”, J. Appl. Cryst. 49, 234-240.
  • Heymann, M., Opthalage, A., Wierman, J.L., Akella, S., Szebenyi. D.M.E., Gruner, S.M., Fraden, S. (2014): “Room-temperature serial crystallography using a kinetically optimized microfluidic device for protein crystallization and on-chip X-ray diffraction”, IUCr J. 1, 349-360.
  • Green, K.S., Szebenyi, D.M.E., Boggs, K., Bredthauer, R., Tate, M.W., Gruner, S.M. (2013): “A prototype direct-detection CCD for protein crystallography”, J. Appl. Cryst. 46, 1038-1048.
  • Cornaby, S., Szebenyi, D. M. E., Smilgies, D.-M., Schuller, D. J., Gillilan, R., Hao, Q., Bilderback, D. H. (2010): “Feasibility of one-shot-per-crystal structure determination using Laue diffraction”, Acta Cryst., D66, 2-11.

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