Synchrotron "X-ray Micromechanics" course now online

As part of the mission of InSitμ@CHESS, the ONR-funded center focused on developing new High Energy X-ray Diffraction (HEXD) users and methods, the staff has developed and made available an online course for novice X-ray users with backgrounds in engineering.

The course consists of a series of lectures providing the basic background necessary to successfully analyze diffraction data gathered using high-energy X-ray experiments at synchrotron light sources with the goal of understanding the mechanical response of crystalline solids. The successful outcome for students who watch the lectures is developing sufficient comfort with the theory and algorithms underneath X-ray processing tools such that these tools are no longer a "black-box" and students are able to edit tools for their own research needs. The online lectures are available on Youtube, while course notes and practice homework problems can be made available on request.