BioSAXS: Size Exclusion Chromatography

For users that require on-site purification of samples, MacCHESS offers an AKTA Purifier system at the beamline. Basic UV and pH detectors are available and samples may be fractionated directly into the sample 96-well plates used by the BioSAXS robot. We currently recommend that users bring their own columns, but MacCHESS does provide a Superdex 200 10/300 column from GE for general use. We do plan to purchase a variety of columns in the future.


Akta Purifier system

BioSAXS: Akta Purifier system

Injection volumes of up to 100 microliters are supported. It is important to be aware the size exclusion chromatography(SEC) does dilute samples by a factor of as much as 30-fold. Spin concentrators are provided to concentrate sample fractions if needed. Users should prepare 1 liter of buffer. If transporting or shipping buffer is problematic, MacCHESS does provide facilities for making common buffer solutions on site. SEC runs can take approximately 1 hour to fill a 96 well tray. Individual fractions can be up to 350-400 microliters.

BioSAXS: SEC Akta, graph1          BioSAXS: SEC Akta, graph2

Groups interested in using this system should contact MacCHESS staff in advance to confirm availability.

Galaxy 16D centrifuge

The centrifuge is a Galaxy 16D, 14,000 rpm = 16,000 g (RCF) according to the display console.