CHESS-U update: First Light in ID1A3

The first hutch constructed for the CHESS-U upgrade has begun commissioning and saw first light on January 31, 2018, a short 10 months after the contract with ADC Inc. to pre-fabricate the hutch enclosures was signed.

CHESS staff have been hard at work since the initial installation of the shield walls in September (completed in 6 short days!). Installation of the transfer pipe from the F2 hutch, station beam stops and associated shielding, utilities, and beamline controls were completed all while servicing users during the fall CHESS running period. Monochromatic beam experiments have already begun and white beam capability will be commissioned during the 1-week spring shutdown.

The ID1A3 hutch is the first hutch constructed for the CHESS-U upgrade and is as an extension hutch to the F2 station. ID1A3 provides space for longer sample to detector distances (enabling high-energy SAXS experiments) and larger sample environments in addition to a hardened white beam capability (E>50keV).